1378 Permanent education practice in occupacional health: an integrative review

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IntroductionPermanent education in health has not the aim of training health professionals, but proposes to bring them together the team to build knowledge, valuing the concept of teaching-learning through a new policy proposal to improve work processes.ObjectiveTo analyse experiences and strategies of continuing education about workers’ health in scientific publications from the last ten years.MethodIt is a literature integrative review, from 2006 to 2016, with search in Virtual Health Library and Scientific Eletronic Library Online databases. All the six steps of methodology were developed: defining research question – What strategies and experiences of permanent education for workers’ health have been described in the literature?; determining search strategy, with Occupational health, Continuing education and Permanent education as descriptors; categorising studies; reading papers to determine those containing results; discussion of the results; and presentation of the integrative review.ResultsEight articles were selected and analysed. After applying all steps of integrative review, data was classified in two categories: Strategies of continuing education and Experiences of continuing education.ConclusionThere is a lack of scientific and technical knowledge about Strategies of continuing education, being an important cause of difficulty to develop the work process, which is often aimed to collective strategies and always seeking the transmission of knowledge. About Experiences of continuing education, it’s observed the development of guidelines directed to the ergonomic risks, with participation of workers.

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