1109 A trial for improvement of workplace patrol for small-scale enterprises by occupational health nurses, using self-made checklist and utilisation manual

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In Japan, employees are obliged to listen to a doctor’s advice when abnormal results are found in periodical medical examinations. Then, Health guidance by occupational health nurses(OHNs) etc. is required as necessary in enterprises with 50 or more workers. However, workers have not received the same services in the small-scale enterprises with less than 50 workers. The Authors will report on workplace patrol using a self-made checklist and its utilisation manual in the small-scale enterprises.


Summary of 71 small-scale enterprises:


Most doctors registered in Regional Occupational Health Centres are supposed to do workplace patrols, but they cannot share the time workplace patrol because they were busy with medical examinations and treatment. So because of that we coordinated 10 OHNs. Experiences of OHNs are variable so we made checklist of workplace patrol and its utilisation manual, moreover we asked engineering industrial health hygienists to patrol with them. In general, OHNs are good at health control but they do not have sufficient knowledge and technique to regulate work and working environment.


Although our checklists are fundamental, and common to various types of occupation,they are useful for improvement of workplace patrol by OHNs, accompanied with engineering industrial health hygienists. As our services are provided once a year for free, continued support once a year might make employers and employees aware as to what they should do by themselves.

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