1473 Occupational risks in railways in morocco

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IntroductionThe sector of railways in Morocco gather numerous activities, therefore occupational risks are also numerous and varied.MethodsOur study analyses all occupational diseases and those with an occupational nature reported during 5 years from 2005 to 2009. This study is about all workers in the railway sector in Morocco. The average staff number is8668.ResultThe number of occupational accidents reported each yearvaried between 170 and 250 cases, while the number of commuting accidents did not exceed 40 cases per year.DiscussionHowever, several studies showed that several risks were high in the railway sector, particularly the cardiovascular risk. The mesothelioma and asbestosis risks are also elevatedbecause of the presence of asbestos fibres in the atmosphere. And finally, these workers are also confronted to noise nuisance and psychosocialrisks.ConclusionThese occupational diseases and those with an occupational nature lay a heavy toll on human life and a significant financial burden on the industry and social security schemes. So the purpose of our work was to clarify the various hazards present in the rail transport sector in Morocco.

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