604 Annual check-up: a relevant tool for worker’s wellbeing and workplace health promotion

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IntroductionAnnual check-up is one important component of periodical medical examination legally instituted by labour code in workers’ health surveillance. It allows the assessment of the health status of the worker in order to renew his/her medical fitness to his/her job and to detect any illness related or not to work. Thus the outcomes obtained help us to design appropriate action plan for both prevention of occupational hazards and health promotion.MethodsAnnual check-ups done every year from 2012 to 2016 in two medium-sized enterprises allow me to conduct a retrospective study on records of more than 300 workers every year. Then I compare the outcomes between the workers of the same enterprise and between the workers of the two companies in terms of prevalence, and of types of illnesses and occupational risk factors related to them.Results and discussionAnnual check-up is legal prescription for every enterprise in Senegal and more than 90% workers undergo this medical survey done by an occupational physician. The company profile is established and allow us to see interesting differences and or similarities.ConclusionAnnual check-up is a powerful tool and a good opportunity for both occupational hazards prevention and health promotion for the wellbeing of workers and for the performance of enterprises.

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