876 Radiological license type i-c installations in mexico

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IntroductionTo carry out the licensing process for facilities classified as Type C, in Mexico, the Procedure:Manual on Radiological Safety must be submitted to the COMISION DE SEGURIDAD NUCLEAR Y SALVAGUARDAS (CNSNS) Nuclear Radiological Safety National Comission which should include general specifications of the installation, to demonstrate that the characteristics of Radiological safety are according with the requirements and include a radiation safety policy, which will apply during the operation, the termination of operations.MethodsAccording with the Mexican standard and the CNSNS the company should work to implement all the procedures and requirements, first stage include paperwork and external training, the next stage include implementation policies and internal audit, all the documents are send to de government an external visit could be request to demonstrate all the requirements.ResultsThe radiological safety program will be successful according to the proposed activity risk analysis and emergency plan, and include a failure analysis. With an adequate implementation program, health and environmental radiological monitoring program the organisation should determinate potential risk to release radioactive material out of the facility, and demonstrate that radiological risks resulting from the cessation of operations will be appropriately managed in such a way as to ensure the safety of personnel occupationally exposed, the public and the environmentConclusionWith an adequate program the company will be able describe the design aspects, engineering works, systems, equipment and devices that allow safety operations with radiation sources and minimise the exposure of personnel to radiation and the production of radioactive waste, Containment necessary to limit the release of radioactive material. Estimate dose equivalents, exposure routes and exposed personnel medical control.

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