71 Respiratory disorders in home delivery service employees

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IntroductionAir pollution in developing countries is causing respiratory disorders and is especially affecting health of persons who are on the road for longer period due to their occupation. Objective of this study was to find the extent of air pollution on road leading to respiratory disorders in two wheeler riders employed in home delivery service.MethodsPermission from concerned authorities and consent from volunteers was taken. Automobile exhaust emission was tested in 100 vehicles, 25 in each group of (above 10 years old) cars, buses, trucks and auto rickshaws. Clinical findings were recorded for 100 two wheeler riders employed in home delivery service and PFT was done for them. PFT results were compared with 100 PFT reports of employees in office work, as control. In control group only PFT reports were checked as employees were not involved.Results28% vehicles had higher than standard emission readings. PFT reports of home delivery service employees showed 24 of them had mild/moderate obstructive pathology. 36 persons had symptoms of allergic bronchitis, 31 persons had irritation in nose and throat and 18 persons had irritation in eyes. Control group showed abnormal findings in 8 PFT reports.ConclusionCreating awareness and educating public about air pollution on road due to automobiles exhaust is necessary. Implementation of strict administrative engineering controls for regular maintenance of vehicles and enforcement of rules, regulations on vehicle emission standards and fuel quality standards will make a great difference in reducing air pollution. Encouraging mass transport, pooling of cars and electric vehicles will reduce air pollution in developing countries. These measures will change the scenario to a pollution free road to produce a positive effect on health of people who are on the road for a longer time due to their occupation and also on health of the general public.

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