802 Spirometry longitudinal data analysis software (spirola) for respiratory disease prevention among shipyard welders in south korea

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IntroductionWorkplace health monitoring using periodic spirometry has been recommended as a tool for prevention of respiratory disease. The Spirometry Longitudinal Data Analysis (SPIROLA) software is an integrated visual and quantitative tool to aid in monitoring lung function in individuals participating in spirometry-based health monitoring programs developed by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).MethodsWe analysed the annual lung function decline in 385 male workers of the Korean Shipyard Welder Cohorts by SPIROLA. To evaluate the annual decline of spirometry data, we analysed the longitudinal spirometry data collected from 2010 through the year 2015 in workers who had at least four follow-up tests. We estimated each person’s rate of FEV1 and FVC decline and group’s rate of FEV1 and FVC decline.ResultThe results on 385 workers with 4 or more years of follow-up showed that the mean rate of FEV1 decline was higher than that for the Korean population. And decline of lung function in welders suggest a greater effect in smoking status.DiscussionThis study indicates the need for respiratory disease prevention and intervention in this shipyard welders. The computerised annual lung function decline program is very useful of workers’ respiratory health prevention. So We need to develop a program suitable for workplace environment in Korean.

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