712 Relevant factors of health and productivity management progress in small and medium-sized enterprises: a questionnaire survey for enterprises’ presidents

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Although health and productivity management (HPM) is an important concept regardless of company size, there is a difference in recognition and degree of practice about HPM between small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large enterprises. The purpose of this study was to explore the factors related to the practical progress of HPM among SME’s presidents.


Anonymous self-administered questionnaire was conducted. The questionnaire was consisting of two parts. Part 1 was about the enterprises, types of industries, capital amount, and the enterprises’ presidents (age and period of position). Part 2 included behaviour modification strategies, developed based on four levels of changes proposed by Hersey and Blanchard and five stages of behaviour changes by Prochaska and DiClemente. JMP® 12 (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA) was used to analyse the data.


The questionnaire was completed by presidents of 22 SME’s aged between 30 years to 70 years. Their industries were mainly 6 kinds: construction, service, manufacturing, transportation and communication, electricity/gas/water service and real estate industry, and 2 others. In part 1, there was no significant correlation between stages of behaviour change about HPM and enterprise’s basic information (for example, industry, capital amount, age of presidents, or period as a president). In part 2, there was significant middle correlation between stages of behaviour change about HPM and states of having knowledge about HPM (correlation coefficient: 0.65, p<0.01), or attitude to practice HPM (0.61, <0.01). On the other hand, it was unclear whether there was a correlation between the stages and president’s personal practice of health promotion (0.27, p=0.24).


This study showed that the correlation factors to HPM’s progress could be strengthened by occupational health support. As the next step, we need to consider how to provide information and motivate to the enterprises’ presidents.

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