1609 Work disability prevention: an expanding frontier in occupational health

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Aim of special sessionThe goal of this special session will be to provide an overview of emerging research in work disability prevention from a variety of national, disciplinary, and stakeholder perspectives. The session will not only address disability after work injuries, but also cancer, mental illness, and chronic medical conditions. Presenters will present research related to public and institutional policies, patient screening and assessment, job accommodation, employer and provider communication, and disability risk factors related to employee characteristics, medical diagnosis and treatment, and employer and family support.1Angela GEM de Boer, 2Katherine Lippel, 3Cecile RL Boot, 1Karen Nieuwenhuijsen, 4Carolyn Dewa, 5Kelly Williams-Whitt1Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands2University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada3VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands4University of California-Davis, Sacramento, California, USA5University of Lethbridge, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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