1477 Stress amongst elementary and high school teachers

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IntroductionTeachers, as in other professions, are exposed to different types of problems within the field of occupational medicine. Generally, teachers heavily stressed show signs of psychological distress that usually shows as severe anxiety, low psychological comfort and low job satisfaction.MethodsThe questionnaire was distributed within elementary, middle and high schools in the district of Hay Hassani, Casablanca. All subjects voluntarily accepted to be on the study. We’ve distributed 300 questionnaires but only gathered 140.ResultsFrom 140 subjects, 58,06% were female, 26% worked in primary schools, 51% in middle schools and 47% in high schools. Almost half of them (48.38%) have been teaching for over 20 years. Of the participants, 31,14% never felled energetic, full of life or being eager to go through every new day. The auto evaluation of mental health found that 20,16% rated their mental health as being medium to poor. Burnout was felt by 36,51% of the respondents once or more than once per month and 26,63% say that they always have a heavy workload. Roughly half of the participants (44%) were not satisfied with their jobs.DiscussionIn a Suiss study, they found that more than 80% of teachers showed medium burnout signs. In our study 37% showed exhaustion signs once or more every month which indicates that there is a disproportion between individual possibilities and the reality of working conditions. In a survey conducted by the autonomous federation of education of Quebec, they found that a heavy workload is the main determinant of stress experienced by teachers which explains our findings.ConclusionProfessional stress affects the well being of teachers. The main prevention mechanism that can be used is self management which represents the process that teachers have the most control on.

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