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The measures for enhancing ‘Wellbeing‘ are complement to HSE measures to make sure that all workers are safe, healthy, contended and are effectively engaged at work. In fact, Happiness and Wellbeing of the workforce is a key factor in any organisation’s long-term effectiveness.

Materials and methods

IndianOil Corporation has taken Happiness for their employees as a project and under this Project weekly questionnaire were started along with small reading material on various parameters which are the factors controlling our state of mind and ultimately effecting the one’s Happiness and Overall Well Being, Mental Attitude and Outlook, Time Management, Recognising and Managing Common Thinking Errors, Personal Wellbeing, Self Esteem and Self Confidence, Relationships for Health and Happiness, Positive and Negative Emotions, Burnout Factors in Your Work life, Health Fitness and Healthy Habits, Anger Management, Your Communication Style, Positive attitude and Gratitude. Project on ‘Happiness and wellbeing’ in IndianOil focuses on the psychological aspects of a fulfilling and flourishing life and provides practical guidelines to enhance Happiness and Wellbeing. IndianOil also launched a book prepared by Corporate HSE on ‘Happiness and Wellbeing.


In response to the weekly questionnaire on Happiness and Wellbeing, we received an overwhelming response and willingness from employees to join the Project Happiness and Well Being, which helped IndianOil employees to understand fundamental issues in happiness and well-being, thereby making their official and personal life more meaningful, safe and effective. This program provides an insight into their mindsets and mental models that underlie their everyday behaviour and experience of life.


Project Happiness and Wellbeing brought more happiness in our management style, Smile and look happy when you are at work, cultivate optimism; convey calm and faith in the future, in this way we create a much more efficient and adaptable organisation.

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