1709b Experience of the impact of psychosocial factors in a company in several countries in latin america region

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IntroductionThis work was conducted at a company of massive consuming products located in nine Latina-American countries. Total working population 12,235, male: 7,716, female: 4519. 97% of population covered by On-Site Health Centres. Have 29 sites, 19 (65%) with certified Wellness Program, covering 83%bof the working. 79% of the population participate in any of the site medical/Wellness programs. 32% of the population completed the Health Risk Appraisal questionnaire called Wellness Check Point.MethodsFrom the 4564 employees who filled the HRA questionnaire out, it was calculated absenteeism, presenteeism, depression, level of stress and engagement (job stress vs job satisfaction). Rates of presenteeism and absenteeism were calculated for each of the variables (depression, stress and engagement). After that, the weighted average of the company Latin-American employee’s salary was calculated. Having at the end the cost of each level variable was divided as follows: Depression (normal, with some symptoms, mild, moderate, severe); Stress (no risk, low moderate, high/very high); and engagement (much more satisfaction than stress, more satisfaction than stress, equal/neutral satisfaction than stress, more stress than satisfaction, much more stress than satisfaction).ResultsThere was a linear relationship between productivity loss and level of depression. Linear relationship between productivity loss and level of engagement and not very clear relationship between productivity loss and level of stress.DiscussionIn the productivity loss in relation to stress level there was a significant higher cost among those without stress while in the rest of the level there was a clear linear relationship between productivity loss and level of stress. This finding must be fully analysed.ConclusionLooks like there is a relationship between productivity loss and depression/engagement levels.

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