1635c Working conditions and mental health among thai farmers

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Agricultural works noticeably show risk working manner from its working conditions and working behaviour. There are about ten million farm workers in Thailand with no occupational health support system. This project aimed to construct happy and healthy corn growers in Northern of Thailand. The participatory oriented training was conducted, whereas the working conditions and working behaviours were investigated from two hundred growers. The mental health status assessment was determined. The solution to improve health and working rank were self defined. Ergonomics was found to be major problem especially the musculoskeletal injuries from improper working posture and overload work such as prolong working hours. The corn growers shared ideas of mental health improvement. Social media played important role to construct working and social participation. The team work with regular meeting was mentioned for community strengthening. The safe use of chemicals was a common idea to make productive work. However, only the use of personal protective equipment during spraying was an key idea from growers to improve working behaviour, but other essential working protocol such as the chemical mixing process was less considered. The environmental aspect was introduced by triple rinse of chemical containers to reduce chemical contamination. The result showed that the work-rest cycle as well as the sleep quality should be considered. Health examination must be further performed to ensure healthy corn growers.

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