898 Developing a culturally relevant workplace mental health e-health application for the canadian indigenous population

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IntroductionWorkplace stress stemming from lateral violence in the workplace is problematic for Indigenous workers. Unlike workplace bullying, lateral violence differs due to the root cause. Canadian Indigenous people are abusing their own people in similar ways to how they have been abused. It is a cycle of abuse and its roots lie in factors of colonisation, oppression, intergenerational trauma and the ongoing experiences of racism and discrimination. Information on mental health and mental health resources within Indigenous workplaces is lacking. Therefore, our objective was to develop an e-health intervention for Indigenous mental health in the workplace.MethodsWe participated in a CIHR ‘Work Stress and Wellbeing Hackathon’ to achieve our objective. The Hackathon was a two and a half day event where participants work with an e-health team to devise a solution to their problem. The event was collaborative and involved multiple perspectives in the development of the e-mental health solution. In addition to the principal investigator and knowledge user, the team included an individual with lived experience and technical expertise, including designers and programmers.ResultsAt the end of the Hackathon we had developed a prototype of a working e-mental health application based on the medicine wheel and Indigenous cultural teachings. We also developed a relationship with an e-health company, Cossette Health, who will be working with us over the next year to turn the prototype into a viable working e-health application. We will demonstrate our working app at the conference.ConclusionFuture goals of the project will be to evaluate the effectiveness of the completed e-mental health application, in the communities affiliated with the Nokiiwin Tribal Council, with respect to improving access to relevant mental health information and reducing workplace lateral violence.

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