Phosphorylation and interaction of myopodin by integrin-link kinase lead to suppression of cell growth and motility in prostate cancer cells

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Myopodin is a tumor-suppressor gene that suppresses growth of prostate and urothelial carcinomas. However, the mechanism of myopodin tumor-suppressor activity or signaling that leads to activation of myopodin remains unclear. In this report, we showed that the N-terminus of myopodin binds integrin-linked kinase (ILK) bothin vivoandin vitro. An ILK interaction motif of 78 amino acids (amino acids 82-157) was identified in the N-terminus region of myopodin. Induction of ILK-dependent kinase activity by integrin α7 led to phosphorylation of myopodin bothin vivoandin vitro. Knocking down ILK dramatically reduced the inhibition of cell growth and motility mediated by myopodin. A mutant of myopodin lacking the ILK interaction motif is inactive in suppressing the growth and motility of PC3 cells. As a result, this study showed a novel and critical signaling pathway that leads to activation of myopodin.

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