Tumor Progression Following Petroclival Meningioma Subtotal Resection: A Volumetric Study

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One study has investigated postoperative growth rates following subtotal resection of petroclival meningiomas utilizing linear measurements, which are insensitive to the multidimensional complex growth of meningiomas, to estimate tumor volume.


To describe petroclival meningioma growth patterns following less-than-complete resection utilizing volumetric analysis and to identify variables associated with tumor progression.


Patients with surgically resected WHO grade I petroclival meningiomas were retrospectively reviewed (1999-2015). Image analysis software was utilized to perform volumetric analyses of tumor size and growth on serial MRI studies. The impact of preoperative and postoperative variables on tumor growth after subtotal resection was analyzed. An increase in tumor volume of at least 20% was defined as “tumor growth.”


Twenty-three patients had immediate preoperative and serial postoperative MRI studies available for review. The mean preoperative tumor volume was 20.9 cm3 (range 0.4-54.6). The mean extent of resection was 75.5% (range 31.5%-100.0%). At a mean follow-up of 24.8 mo, 12 tumors (66.7%) exhibited radiological tumor growth, while 6 tumors did not change in size. The median annual volumetric growth rate was 2.82 cm3/yr (range -0.34 to 10.1). Extent of resection and immediate postoperative tumor volume were significantly correlated with the annual volumetric growth rate following resection. At last follow-up, 3 (13%) patients required further intervention.


The majority of petroclival meningiomas exhibit growth following subtotal resection. Extent of resection is strongly associated with risk for disease progression following surgery.

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