Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy as Part of Multimodal Treatment Strategies for Primary Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma

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Total-skin electron beam therapy (TSEBT) is one of most effective treatments that has been used for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Low-dose TSEBT regimens (10-12 Gy) appear to be an effective alternative to conventional-dose TSEBT (30-36 Gy), yielding short-term remission of cutaneous manifestations with minimal toxicity. TSEBT can be administered to patients any time after a diagnosis of mycosis fungoides (MF). Patients requiring rapid relief from cutaneous lesions or symptoms may particularly benefit from TSEBT as an initial therapy. Radiotherapy (RT) dose, boost radiation delivery, maintenance treatment, and radiation tolerability may enhance remission rates and improve relapse-free survival following TSEBT. In addition, salvage local RT or TSEBT may be safely applied with high effectiveness. In this review, we focus on the use of TSEBT in patients with several forms of primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and highlight the potential of low-dose TSEBT as part of a promising therapeutic approach.

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