Sihler-stain study of buccal nerve distribution and its clinical implications

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ObjectiveThe aim of this study was to elucidate the precise distribution of the buccal nerve (BN) and its anatomic relationship with the infraorbital nerve (ION) and mental nerve (MN).Study DesignEight human specimens were subjected to Sihler staining, which is a highly accurate method for visualizing the distribution of nerve fibers without alteration of the nerve.ResultsIt was found that the BN mainly proceeded medially from its point of entrance near the parotid duct opening to the angular area of mouth, giving off tiny branches along its trajectory. Some of these branches were distributed in upper angular area, over the cheilion, intermingling with branches of the ION. Intermingling of the BN and the MN was also observed in the premolar area of the lower lip.ConclusionsThis new information regarding the distribution of BN should be taken into consideration when evaluating the possible effects of BN damage.

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