Comparison of lidocaine metabolism for different anesthesia techniques in rabbits with liver disease

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This study was designed to investigate the serum lidocaine concentrations (SLC) after local infiltration anesthesia (IA) and mandibular anesthesias (MA) in rabbits with carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)–induced chronic liver damage (CLD).

Study Design.

Fourteen rabbits were administered CCl4 in group 1, MA (CLD-MA; n = 7); in group 2, IA (CLD-IA; n = 7); in group 3, MA (H-MA; n = 7); and in group 4, IA (H-IA; n = 6) was performed. SLC were measured.


SLC showed difference over time. At the 10th minute, mean SLC in IA groups were higher than in MA groups. At the 120th minute, the highest mean concentration was found in the CLD-IA group.


SLC increases in CLD, and serum lidocaine concentration after IA in the mandibular anterior region is higher than it is after MA.

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