Identification of the actinomycete 16S ribosomal RNA gene by polymerase chain reaction in oral inflammatory lesions

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To examine the histopathological characteristics of inflammatory lesions containing Actinomyces based on DNA sequencing. Furthermore, case reports of actinomycosis in the maxillofacial region are summarized by a review of the literature.

Study design

The study comprised 12 cases of inflammatory lesions containing Actinomyces as diagnosed by DNA analysis. The average age of the subjects was 59 ± 15 years (6 males; 6 females).


The distribution of causative bacteria was: Actinomyces israelii in 9 cases, Actinomyces gerencseriae in 2 cases, and Actinomyces naeslundii in 1 case. Four cases diagnosed by DNA sequencing were positive for “Druse,” a known morphological diagnostic characteristic of actinomycosis, and 8 cases lacked typical colony formation.


DNA analysis using paraffin-embedded samples is effective for both early and accurate diagnosis of oral lesions containing Actinomyces.

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