Comparison of consumer grade, tablet and 6MP-displays: observer performance in detection of anatomical and pathological structures in panoramic radiographs

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To compare observer performance in the detection of anatomical structures and pathology in panoramic radiographs using a consumer grade display and tablet (3rd generation iPad; Cupertino, CA, USA) under suboptimal conditions compared to 6 MegaPixels (6 MP) display under dim lighting conditions.

Study design.

Thirty panoramic radiographs were selected. All images were blindly evaluated on three displays by two observers with different amounts of experience. Consumer grade display and tablet evaluations were made under approximately 510 lx ambient light and 6MP display evaluations under approx. 16 lx.


The observer performance of an experienced observer did not differ between different displays whereas the less experienced observer performed better with 6MP display than with consumer grade display or tablet.


A dentist with less experience in interpreting panoramic radiographs may be more dependent on the high-quality display used under optimal viewing conditions to detect anatomical structures and pathology compared to a more experienced dentist.

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