Lipogranuloma after facial cosmetic procedures

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Lipogranuloma is a rare inflammatory reactive process in the dermis and subcutis. We present a summary of the 6 cases of lipogranuloma after facial cosmetic procedures.

Study Design.

We performed a retrospective review including patient demographic data, clinical symptoms, appearance on computed tomography, treatment, pathology results, and history of facial cosmetic procedures.


In most cases, the nodules were painless and showed no significant growth. Computed tomography revealed ill-defined swellings in the buccal fat pad with heterogeneous density. Histopathological examinations revealed numerous variable-sized empty microcysts surrounded by abundant lymphocytes and foamy macrophages, the characteristic features of lipogranuloma. On further questioning, all of the patients revealed that they had undergone some form of facial cosmetic procedure in the preceding months to years. Among the 6 cases, facial autologous fat injection may have been the main cause of lipogranuloma.


Lipogranulomas can develop months to years after facial cosmetic procedures distant from the injection sites. A thorough understanding of the patient's medical history and the clinical and histopathologic characteristics of lipogranuloma are necessary to make a definite diagnosis and allow appropriate treatment.

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