Coronectomy and dentigerous cysts: a review of 68 patients

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Objective.This large case series retrospectively reviewed the outcomes of coronectomy in conjunction with dentigerous cyst removal in 68 patients at the oral surgery department of Guy's Hospital.Study Design.A retrospective review of 68 patients was undertaken in a single department where 73 teeth with associated dentigerous cysts were treated by coronectomy to reduce the risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury or mandibular fracture.Results.One patient experienced permanent injury of the inferior alveolar nerve. There were no intraoperative mandibular fractures in this series. Four coronectomy roots required retrieval at 2, 4, and 20 months and 10 years after the initial surgery due to persistent surgical site infection and incomplete coronectomy with retained enamel and associated cystic tissue leading to symptoms. The longest follow-up in this series was 10 years for 2 patients, and 30 of 68 patients were reviewed between 1 and 3 years postoperatively.Conclusion.Coronectomy in conjunction with dentigerous cysts is an effective treatment, with minimal morbidity seen in both short- and long-term periods.

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