A description of the sequence of long-term behavior of autogenous boneblock in maxillary sinus augmentation in sheep: Additional morphologic and histomorphometric evidence

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Objective.To document the behavior of autogenous bone block in sinus lift and surgical consequences.Study Design.Twelve sinus lifts with autogenous hip bone blocks and simultaneous insertion of two implants in 6 adult female sheep. Polychrome sequential labelling and histologic and histomorphometric evaluation after 6, 16, and 26 weeks.Results.Augmentation material in the apical third was almost fully resorbed after 26 weeks (P = .00388). Percentage of bone tissue increased 0.5-1.0 mm from the implant in crestal region (15.3 ± 7.5% to 16.2 ± 10.1%), whereas it vanished in the apical region from 16 to 26 weeks (4.2 ± 10.4% to 0%) (P = .363).Conclusions.Autogenous bone block leaves an apical thin but functionally crucial layer covering implants in a form follows function way. Denial of animal-originated biomaterials and prion diseases remain a rarely discussed issue. The use of an implant length–adapted autogenous transplant with osseoinductive advantages should be taken into consideration.

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