Clinician, dental student, and orthognathic patient perception of black-and-white silhouette lateral profile dimensions of ideal chin position in a Chinese population

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Objectives.This study aimed to investigate differences in the influence of chin prominence and length on perception of facial aesthetics by Chinese dental clinicians, orthognathic patients, and dental students.Study Design.Male and female silhouette lateral profiles were modified to obtain 28 facial profiles by altering chin prominence and length by 3 mm in the sagittal and vertical planes. Images were rated by 70 clinicians, 30 orthognathic patients, and 100 dental students on a 7-point Likert scale.Results.Perceived attractiveness was highest when the male chin prominence (MCP) was −3 mm to 3 mm and the female chin prominence (FCP) was 3 mm. In contrast, male chin length (MCL) of 0 to 3 mm and female chin length (FCL) of 0 mm were considered the most attractive. In the sagittal and vertical profiles, MCP (−9 mm), FCP (−9 mm), FCL (−9 mm), and MCL (−9 mm) were ranked least attractive.Conclusions.The overall aesthetic opinions of orthognathic patients, clinicians, and dental students are similar. The greater the retrusion or protrusion of the chin and the shorter or longer the chin length, the lower were the rates of facial aesthetics and the greater were the desire for surgery.

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