The severity of denture stomatitis as related to risk factors and differentCandidaspp.

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Objectives.1) To select patients with Candida-related denture stomatitis (DS) and to study possible risk factors associated with DS, 2) to evaluate the severity of DS according to Newton's classification, and 3) to investigate the association between the presence of non-albicans Candida spp. (NAC) or mixed Candida spp. and the severity of DS.Study Design.Eighty-two patients with Candida-positive DS have undergone 1) filling in the interview questionnaire, 2) clinical examination, and 3) microbiologic examination.Results.A total of 113 Candida spp. isolates were obtained from Candida-positive DS patients: C. albicans (as a single species) in 47/82 (57%) patients (study group A [SG_A]) and NAC/mixed Candida spp. in 35/82 (43%) patients (SG_B). Univariate logistic regression analysis showed that older age, longer age of the mandibular denture, and ex-smoker status were associated with SG_A. A multivariate model revealed no significant predictor of DS severity. Patients from SG_A were 3 times as likely to have DS type I, while patients from SG_B were 4.9 times as likely to have DS type III.Conclusions.Our results show the association between type III of DS (by Newton's classification) and the presence of NAC or mixed Candida spp. in denture wearers.

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