Histogenesis and development of membranous basal cell adenoma

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The histogenesis of salivary gland tumors remains controversial. A histologic and immunohistochemical study was carried out on 12 cases of membranous basal cell adenoma in the salivary glands to investigate its histogenesis and development. In 4 cases, multiple focal proliferations of striated ducts in the surrounding salivary gland, which were conspicuous, allowed tracing of the development of the tumors from their origin. The earliest changes were characterized by hyperplasia of the basal cells of striated ducts. Continuous ductal proliferation led to the formation of microadenomas. The observations suggest that proliferating basal cells of striated ducts apparently participate in and play a main role in the histogenesis of some membranous basal cell adenomas of the salivary glands.

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