The effects of xerogenic medications on oral mucosa among the Veterans Dental Study participants

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To examine the association of xerogenic medications with the oral mucosa inflammation score (OMS) in US male veterans.


The relationship of having the worst 25th percentile in OMS and intake of xerogenic medications with different pharmacologic indications was analyzed by logistic regression, controlling for age in 3 categories (≤44, 45–64, ≥65), smoking, disease burden index, alcohol abuse, and the duration of medication, in 290 subjects participating in the Veterans Dental Study.


When polypharmacy and denture-wearing status in addition to the aforementioned covariates were controlled, the odds ratios for cardiovascular disease medications and sympathetic agonists were 2.82 (95% confidence interval [CI] 1.35–5.91, P < .006), and 2.96 (CI 1.21–7.26, P < .02), respectively, and those for psychotropics and antihistamines were 2.12 (CI 0.94–4.80, P < .06) and 2.09 (CI 0.80–5.48, P < 0.14), respectively.


Xerogenic medication may be associated with oral mucosal pathology.

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