Influence of resin-based adhesive root canal fillings on the resistance to fracture of endodontically treated roots: an in vitro preliminary study

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The aim was to investigate the root reinforcing capability of the resin-based RealSeal.

Study design

In two groups (n=36) canals were instrumented with nickel-titanium rotary GTfiles or with hand K-files. Twelve teeth from each group were obturated with lateral compaction using either gutta-percha and AHPlus or RealSeal. The canals of twelve teeth of both groups were instrumented but not filled. Group 3 (n=12) acted as uninstrumented controls. The force required to fracture the roots was measured. ANOVA and Scheffé test were used for statistical analysis.


The intact roots were significantly stronger than both groups with instrumented and unobturated roots (P<.05). Between the roots of both groups obturated with RealSeal and the intact roots there were no significant differences (P>.05). The roots obturated with RealSeal were significantly stronger than those obturated with gutta-percha and AHPlus (P<.05).


An obturation with RealSeal significantly increases the fracture resistance of instrumented roots.

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