A new method of selective intra-arterial infusion therapy via the superficial temporal artery for head and neck cancer

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We proposed a new selective intra-arterial infusion method via the superficial temporal artery for preventing dislocation of the catheter.

Study design.

This study included 92 patients who were treated by this combination therapy between May 1999 and December 2004. Primary tumor sites included the tongue in 73 patients, base of the tongue in 6 patients, floor of mouth in 4 patients, buccal mucosa in 4 patients, and other sites in 5 patients. Seventy-three patients had untreated lesions and 19 patients had recurrent lesions. Under fluoroscopy, a catheter was inserted into the target artery through the superficial temporal artery using a catheter exchange method.


In 76 (83%) of 92 patients, a catheter was successfully inserted into the target artery. In 4 patients, the catheter fell out of the selected artery during treatment.


This selective intra-arterial method will be an important modality for advanced tongue cancer.

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