Radiological evaluation of changes in the gonial angle after teeth extraction and wearing of dentures: a 3-year longitudinal study

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the gonial angle measurements of 20 adult patients made from panoramic radiographs and to assess differences from dentate state to edentate state-with dentures.

Study design.

A total of 100 panoramic radiographs of 20 patients were evaluated, and gonial angle sizes were measured. Panoramic radiographs were made while the patients were dentulous and in the first month, sixth month, first year, and third year after tooth extraction and wearing dentures after a 2-3-month healing period. All radiographs used in this study were made with the same panoramic machine by the same person. Gonial angles were measured by tracing a line on panoramic radiographs tangential to the most inferior points at the gonial angle and the lower border of the mandibular body and another line tangential to the posterior borders of the ramus and the condyle.


Difference in size of the gonial angle was found for both sides between continuous measurements. The gonial angle values tend to increase in both sides after tooth extractions. After the third measurement for both sides, the values start to decrease.


After wearing denture for 3 years, a statistically significant decrease was found in the gonial angle values according to the edentulous state (P < .05).

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