Maxillary sinus osteoplasty with vascularized pedicled bone flap

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This article describes the use of a vascularized pedicled bone flap, superiorly based on schneiderian membrane, for osteoplasty of maxillary sinus.

Study design

A rectangular bony window was created on the anterior maxillary wall and pedicled from its inner surface with the schneiderian membrane attached to it and left intact superiorly. After the sinus pathology was addressed, the pedicled bony window was repositioned and stabilized with sutures. This technique was performed in 9 maxillary sinuses in 9 patients. A nasoantral window was opened in all of the cases.


The follow-up ranged between 12 and 38 months. Healing in all patients was uneventful. In 1 case, a temporary hypoesthesia of the infraorbital nerve was recorded.


The procedure provides excellent visibility and access in the maxillary sinus, permitting the use of an advancement buccal pedicled flap for closure of an existing oroantral communication.

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