Micro-computerized tomography analysis: dynamics of bone augmentation within a titanium cap in rabbit calvarium

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A new microfocus computerized tomography (R-mCT) system that quickly produces clear images of the bones of small animals allows the continuous observation of living experimental animals. This study used the new R-mCT system to examine the dynamics of marrow penetration within a titanium cap in rabbit calvarium.

Study design

In a rabbit, the calvarium was exposed, and circular grooves were prepared bilaterally. Within the circular groove, the external cortical surface of the skull was perforated mechanically. The rate of penetration was 28% (experiment) or 14% (control). Images of bone augmentation within the titanium cap were taken using R-mCT.


The augmented mineralized tissue increased gradually with repeated resorption and acceleration. The dynamics of bone augmentation did not differ with the penetration rate.


Accurate noninvasive longitudinal monitoring of bone augmentation or response to therapy can now be done in the same living animal by using R-mCT.

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