Prevalence of pulp calcifications in patients with Marfan syndrome

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The purpose of this study was to examine the prevalence of pulp calcifications in patients with Marfan syndrome.

Study design

The prevalence of pulp stones and pulp obliteration was evaluated on bitewing radiographs in 21 subjects with Marfan syndrome and in 100 healthy controls.


Subjects with Marfan syndrome older than 30 years of age showed a significantly higher prevalence of pulp stones (P = .027) or pulp obliteration (P < .001). Pulp stones were present in 20.7% and pulp obliteration was found in 7.9% of the examined teeth in this group. Subjects with Marfan syndrome also revealed a significant correlation between age and number of teeth with pulp stones or pulp obliteration.


The results of the present study indicate that pulp calcifications are frequent findings in subjects with Marfan syndrome. This should be taken into consideration in endodontic or orthodontic treatment.

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