Fracture of the anterior iliac crest following monocortical bone graft harvest in bisphosphonate-related mandibular pathological fracture: a case report

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The anterior iliac crest is the most common donor site for autologous nonvascularized bone because of the great amount of bone available and easy access. Documented donor-site complications include arterial, nerve, or urethral injury; herniation; chronic donor-site pain; sacroiliac joint instability; pelvic fractures; gait disturbances; hematoma; infection; peritoneal perforation; cosmetic defects; and hip subluxation. We present the case of a pathologic fracture of the right anterior iliac crest during the immediate postoperative period in a patient with a bisphosphonate-related osteochemonecrosis with pathological fracture of mandibular body. The patient was managed with nonoperative treatment.

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