Secondary Orbital Implants After Evisceration: A New Conjunctiva-Sparing Technique

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Purpose:To describe a new conjunctiva-sparing technique for secondary orbital implantation after evisceration.Methods:Two patients with conjunctival cicatrization and a volume-deficient anophthalmic socket had implantation of an intraconal biointegratable implant. This was placed through a lateral canthal approach, after temporary disinsertion of the lateral rectus, thereby avoiding further injury to the conjunctiva.Results:A good surgical outcome was achieved in both patients. There were no intraoperative or postoperative complications, and both have remained stable for nearly 2 years.Conclusions:Secondary intraconal implantation through the lateral canthal approach is safe and effective and suitable for patients in whom it is desirable to avoid a conjunctival incision.

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