Enhanced Enlargement of Silicone Ocular Prostheses Achieved by Silicone Gel (MED-361)

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Recently, silicone prostheses have been used instead of acrylic ocular prostheses. The authors sought to assess the ability of silicone gel to facilitate the growth of an ocular silicone prosthesis and to determine the best application modality to achieve maximal possible growth. Two ocular prostheses with similar baseline dimensions and contour were used for comparison of growth environment. One prosthesis was placed in an eyelid mold, while the other was placed in an open Petri dish. Silicone gel drops (MED-361; NuSil Technology, Carpinteria, CA, USA) were administered 3 times daily to both prostheses. Over the course of 41 days, an equal amount of enlargement occurred in all dimensions in both prostheses. Enlargement of a silicone prosthesis can be achieved by various modes of application of topical silicone gel.

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