Large Particle Hyaluronic Acid Gel for the Treatment of Lower Eyelid Retraction Associated With Radiation-Induced Lipoatrophy

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A 42-year-old female with a remote history of a left maxillary sinus tumor treated with excision and radiation therapy was referred for dry eye symptoms. Ophthalmic examination revealed left-sided exposure keratopathy, lagophthalmos, lower eyelid retraction, and fat atrophy of inferior periorbital tissue with associated hollowing. Large particle hyaluronic acid gel was injected to expand and reinforce the lower eyelid. After treatment, there was significant improvement in lagophthalmos, inferior scleral show, and periorbital hollowing. Excellent symmetry with the fellow eye was achieved. The patient reported markedly reduced dry eye symptoms. No adverse side effects were observed. The use of large particle hyaluronic acid gel shows promise as a novel nonsurgical therapy in the management of lower eyelid retraction associated with radiation-induced lipoatrophy. Additionally, large particle hyaluronic acid gel may provide better soft tissue expansion and retention than small particle hyaluronic acid gel, increasing the longevity of treatment.

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