Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Recurrent Sebaceous Carcinoma of Eyelid With Orbital Invasion and Regional Lymphadenopathy

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A 35-year-old man presented with a recurrent temporal conjunctival mass (25 × 12 mm) involving about six-clock hours of the limbus in the left eye. The mass encroached onto the temporal half of cornea and showed surface keratin, large intrinsic and feeder vessels. It infiltrated the deep corneal stroma. There were no cells in the anterior chamber. Ultrasound biomicroscopy confirmed infiltration of deep corneal stroma without intraocular invasion. Surgery involved excision of the conjunctival component with 4-mm margin, lamellar sclerectomy and a penetrating sclerokeratoplasty with 3 mm of healthy corneal margin. Cryotherapy (double-freeze-thaw) was done to the conjunctival margins. Histopathology showed it to be invasive sebaceous cell carcinoma. A thin layer of deep corneal stroma and all conjunctival margins were uninvolved. At thirty-six weeks after treatment the left eye recorded a visual acuity of finger counting at 1 meter distance and no recurrence.

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