Aesthetic oculoplastic surgery

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Important concepts and advances continue to evolve in the field of aesthetic oculoplastic surgery. A keen interest in aesthetics exists, both on the part of the youth-oriented, aging baby-boomer population and on the part of many physicians and surgeons in a variety of different specialties. This review article highlights recent, important developments regarding cosmetic Botox injections for lines of facial expression, laser facial-resurfacing techniques, endoscopic and updated browlift techniques, lower-lid blepharoplasty with suborbicularis oculi fat lift, and subcutaneous Gore-Tex implants for treatment of deep facial rhytids. Because of the space limitations of this review, it is not possible to include a thorough step-by-step description of all surgical techniques. Rather, important concepts, references, and updates are emphasized. The information presented should be of interest to readers of varying levels of expertise.

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