Management of coincident glaucoma and cataract

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Phacoemulsification for visually significant cataract and trabeculectomy for uncontrolled glaucoma are two of the most commonly performed ophthalmic surgeries. Many articles pertaining to cataract extraction in the glaucoma patient have been published during the 1-year scanning period of this periodical. This discussion reviews the recent literature as it pertains to the management of coincident cataract and glaucoma. Important topics addressed by the recent literature include long-standing controversies such as limbus-based versus fornix-based approaches to trabeculectomy and one-site versus two-site approaches to combined surgery, as well as innovative techniques in cataract and glaucoma surgery. This article also addresses perhaps the most controversial issue with regard to coincident cataract and glaucoma surgery, that is, the indications for the procedure. It should be noted that this article is not a comprehensive review but rather discusses the literature published within the 1-year scanning period.

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