Refractive lens exchange for myopia: a new perspective?

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Purpose of reviewAlthough lens surgery for high myopia has a long History, it has been extremely controversial. Colin's study of 1999 indicated a much higher than expected rate of retinal detachment. The purpose of this review is to reassess the place of refractive lens exchange in high myopia in the light of more recent reports in the literature and a more critical examination of Colin's data.Recent findingsA meta analysis of papers on refractive lens exchange and cataract in high myopia between 1996 and 2004 included some 2036 eyes. The mean follow up was 43.5 months and overall incidence of retinal detachment was 1.85%. This is only slightly different from that expected in the highly myopic population as reported by Burton at 1.5%. The recent reports in 2003 of Ravalico et al. and Guell et al., with 4 year follow up, show only 1 detachment for 422 eyes. Further Colin's study had a group very high in risk factors having a low incidence of posterior detachment and 30% pre-existing retinal lesions.SummaryModern surgical techniques, IOLs and choosing the appropriate group to whom this procedure should be offered should lead to it becoming an accepted, safe and common refractive operation.

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