Redefining vision assessment

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Purpose of reviewThis review outlines ophthalmic diagnostic systems, which objectively evaluates the human visual system and its potential beyond that of Snellen acuity.Recent findingsAdvances in ophthalmic diagnostic systems have allowed for a deeper understanding of the optical principles of the human eye and have created the opportunity to evolve our current standards of vision assessment beyond Snellen acuity charts. Definitive comparative and validation trials will continue to be necessary in order for these advanced diagnostics to gain more widespread acceptance in the specialty, in addition to providing the guidance on the specific indications and utilities.SummaryAdvancements in wavefront analysis, light scatter measurements, and adaptive optics technologies can provide greater insight into an individual optical system's potential and irregularities. Modalities that test for anterior corneal surface and whole eye aberrations, light scatter and contrast sensitivity can be an excellent educational tool for our patients to help them better understand their visual dysfunction and can prove useful for medical or surgical decision-making.

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