Treatment of Localized Trichiasis with Radiosurgery

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Several treatments exist for trichiasis, a condition in which misdirected lashes come in contact with the globe. The treatments can be considered in two groups, those that destroy the lash follicle and those that redirect the lashes. No technique is without potential complications, and none is 100% effective. The Ellman Surgitron FFPF offers a new treatment for trichiasis directed at destroying the lash follicle. This instrument utilizes energy at 3.8 MHz in the radiofrequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum, hence the term radiosurgery. This report presents a prospective, non-masked study of 30 eyelids in 26 patients with localized trichiasis treated with the Ellman Surgitron FFPF. Single treatment success rate in patient cure was 67%. Complications included lash recurrence in 8 patients, eyelid notching in 2, granuloma formation in 1, and persistent erythema and tenderness for 1 month in 1 patient. This series demonstrates that the instrument can be effectively used to treat localized trichiasis. A review of the literature reveals that this technique offers potential advantages over some others in use. Further study must determine its efficacy in the treatment of diffuse trichiasis and distichiasis.

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