Gore-Tex as an Orbital Implant Material

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The use of Gore-Tex (W. L. Gore & Associates, Flagstaff, AZ, U.S.A.) spheres as orbital implants is investigated. The left eyes of six New Zealand white rabbits were enucleated and spherical implants made of modified Gore-Tex were implanted. After 6 weeks of follow-up, the implants were harvested. No rabbit developed a postoperative infection and no cases of exposure or extrusion were noted. Histopathologic study revealed varying degrees of acute and chronic inflammation surrounding each implant. There was also evidence of inflammatory infiltration and fibrovascular ingrowth into each implant to a maximum distance of 500 μm. This preliminary study demonstrates that the Gore-Tex implant is well tolerated in vivo, allows cellular ingrowth, and may have a role as a permanent implant.

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