Diagonal Tarsal Suture Technique Sine Marginal Sutures for Closure of Full-Thickness Eyelid Defects

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Precise apposition of the tarsal plates and meticulous alignment of the eyelid margins are essential to ensure a seamless repair and avoid notching of the eyelid margin. The authors present a simple and reliable technique that firmly apposes and precisely aligns the eyelid margin in the x, y, and z axes, obviating the need for marginal sutures.


A retrospective audit of electronic medical records was performed for all patients who underwent reconstructive procedures that included the repair of a full-thickness defect in the eyelid margin using the diagonal suture technique from 2003 to 2012.


Of the 652 surgeries performed in the past 9 years, 9 incidences of notching occurred, all of which were associated with infections.


The diagonal tarsal suture technique is a simple and effective method for the repair of full-thickness defects with a high degree of patient satisfaction.

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