Cryptophthalmos: Reconstructive Techniques—Expanded Classification of Congenital Symblepharon Variant

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To report the varied presentation and management of cryptophthalmos and further categorize grades of the congenital symblepharon variant based on the severity of the defect.


The records of 34 eyes of 25 patients with cryptophthalmos who sought treatment at the authors’ tertiary eye care center over a period of 22 years were analyzed.


Of the 34 eyes, 25 belonged to the congenital symblepharon variant, which could distinctively be further classified in medial/mild (4), moderate (9), and severe (11) subgroups and the surgical management for each has been outlined. The associated corneal and facial anomalies have also been highlighted along with their management modalities when indicated.


Although a rare clinical entity, this is the largest series of cryptophthalmos reported so far with a proposed classification scheme for the congenital symblepharon variant.

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