Inverting Sutures With Systemic Retinoids and Lubrication Can Correct Ectropion in Ichthyosis

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The authors present 2 children, a girl aged 9 and a boy aged 15 years, both with lower eyelid ectropion due to congenital lamellar ichthyosis.They had the same treatment protocol, insertion of inverting sutures in addition to a systemic retinoid drug and a lubrication of the eyelids. The girl had 2 separate procedures of inverting sutures, while the eyelids of the boy were corrected with 1 procedure. Both tolerate their systemic retinoid treatment nicely. Five years later, the lower eyelids are in an excellent position without any further surgical intervention. The patients are comfortable. The conventional method to treat these conditions is skin grafts. The authors offer another treatment option in this very bothersome condition.

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