In-Office Sutureless Correction of Prolapsed Subconjunctival Orbital Fat

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To describe a minimally invasive, sutureless, small incision surgical technique for the treatment of subconjunctival orbital fat prolapse (SOFP) performed using local anesthesia in an office setting.


Retrospective study of the surgical outcome of 45 patients with either bilateral or unilateral SOFP treated by a single surgeon (R.S.) between July 2010 and February 2015.


Forty-five patients (39 male, 6 female) had a mean age of 67 years. Fat prolapse was bilateral in 23 patients (51%). A total of 68 eyes were operated on. All surgeries were without any intra- or postoperative complications such as infection, dry-eye symptoms, ocular motility impairment, or recurrence with a mean follow up of 37 months. All patients had a favorable postoperative cosmetic improvement.


The authors propose an office-based, cost-effective, minimally invasive, sutureless technique for treating SOFP with local anesthesia in a safe and effective manner. The lack of complications or recurrence with an adequate follow-up period following this technique is encouraging. Surgeons should consider this technique in the surgical correction of SOFP.

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