Orbital, Periorbital, and Intracranial Emphysema Caused by Compressed Air Injury in a 5-Year-Old Child

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A 5-year-old boy was accidentally injured by a compressed air blast to his right eye and developed periorbital and subconjunctival emphysema and proptosis subsequently. CT scan showed periorbital subcutaneous and intraorbital emphysema around the right eye, as well as intracranial and cervical emphysema without frank fractures in orbital bones. He was examined under sedation, and the subconjunctival air was aspirated. He was also prophylactically treated with topical and systemic antibiotics to prevent infection. Emphysema was resorbed entirely within 3 weeks. In conclusion, compressed air injury can occur in a child and manifest with orbital and periorbital emphysema without any detectable fracture and any clear entrance site and may need emergent management to save the vision or upper respiratory airways.

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